All workshops are in the process of being transferred online with new topics soon available.

Excited to be working on topics that relate to self care, self compassion and relaxation. The benefit is that you will be able to access anytime, anywhere  with the cost being substantially less than if you were attending face to face.

A list of online workshops will  be available toward the end of 2021. Please email [email protected] to be kept up to date with availability and early bird registrations.

Mindfulness Self Compassion for Regional Women

This one hour informal workshop consists of training with basic exercises on mindfulness and self-compassion to improve your everyday life. Supported by research, mindfulness and self-compassion are associated with emotional well-being, lowering levels of anxiety, pain and depression along with developing healthier habits.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is being converted to an online format. Thank you for your patience.  Please keep checking in as the plan is to have workshops available online/by ZOOM toward the end of 2021. In fact, you are going to be able to access  the workshop anywhere and at anytime once you have registered. The fee will be reduced and you won't have to travel!

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Navigate Life’s challenges with ease.

Mindful Self Compassion is about being present with connection and warmth during times of pain and struggle. In this Workshop you will learn simple strategies and tools to assist you build inner resources that you  practice every day. In the research field, there is an ever-increasing interest in Mindfulness and Self Compassion showing that Mindfulness and Self Compassion are strongly associated with emotional well-being, lower levels of anxiety, pain and depression and healthier lifestyles.

PLEASE NOTE: All workshops are being converted to an online format at this time.  

Thank you for your patience. Please keep checking in to see when online workshops are available.

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