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What Is Resilience Coaching?

Coaching sessions are professional, confidential and assist you to explore direction and discover what is of value to you.

Working with Rhonda is not about ‘rah-rah’ or ‘cheer leading’.

Rather a supportive and considered environment where you articulate your goals, be realistic about your current situation and are supported while you get clarity about opportunities that are, or can be made, available to you.

To assist you to understand your strengths, a PR6 Profile or DISC Analysis may be undertaken at the first session.  This provides us with a platform to plan what your existing strengths are and what areas we can focus on to assist you to define direction and reach your goals.

Appointments are available by ZOOM or WhatsApp for national and international clients.

Is Resilience Coaching right for you?

Dr Emonson works with clients from a wide spectrum of backgrounds, nationally and internationally. Each would identify they are seeking support and knowledge about change.

To ensure confidence, Rhonda is well educated and qualified in Coaching. Rhonda has tertiary qualifications in Coaching from La Trobe University and several other qualifications at tertiary level including Master of Conflict Resolution (La Trobe University), Master of Social Work (CSU) and has conducted research in the area of dispute resolution. To read her research visit: [email protected]

Since 1997, Rhonda has also worked with clients in professional mediation, coaching and counselling roles and is accredited with Medicare as a Mental Health Accredited Practitioner.  

The Process and Pricing

The Coaching process is made up of 4 individual sessions:

Session One – Exploring
Individual one hour and thirty-minute session. In the first session we explore your goals and undertake a profiling tool called PR6 OR a DISC Analysis. This will assist us to work together highlighting your strengths and form a platform to identify what is important in your life and career.

Session Two-Defining
Individual one hour and thirty minutes. In this session you are provided with a colour print out of your PR6 or DISC Analysis. Prior to the second session, I spend time reviewing your profile in order assist you to gain greater understanding about yourself and how you want to move forward. We Define the results of your profile and start to plan how you will implement what you have learnt.

Session Three – Confirming
Individual, one hour. We meet (usually) in three weeks following Session Two to hear how you are progressing and to keep you moving forward. We confirm the direction you have decided to take and check any self-limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from moving to a fuller and more satisfying life.

Session Four-Consolidating
Individual, complimentary one-hour session, usually a few months after you have completed Session Three. During this session we review your progress and consolidate your chosen direction.

Investment in yourself

Inclusive cost of $850.00 (AUD) plus GST – check with your accountant as you may also find this is tax deductible.

1. Four and a half hours of professional coaching
2. One-hour complimentary session
3. Printed, coloured PR6 or DISC Analysis to keep
4. Printed sheet of skills to practice
5. 20% off any workshops undertaken in the twelve months following completion of coaching.

* Please note: 50% of total fee is payable to commence the sessions by EFTPOS/credit card or cash. PR6 or DISC Analysis is included at no additional cost.

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