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Professional and confidential counselling support

Help is availableyou do not need to struggle on your own. Counselling (also called Focused Psychological Strategies) can help with many concerns such as depression or mood disorders, anxiety,  relationship problems, adjustment issues, family conflict, personality disorders, life crisis, trauma and emotional fatigue.

Focused psychological strategies can also help with positive events such as choosing a direction in life or reaching your full potential.

Sessions will be Medicare bulk billed if conducted via Teams or Zoom  and you have provided a referral from your Medical Practitioner at least 3 working days prior to your appointment. Some business hour appointments are bulk billed when 'slot' is available. 

  1. Appointments  available during the day and evening to support those working shift work.
  2. Some Saturday morning appointments are available although no bulk billing sessions are available on a Saturday.
  3. Once referral has been received via fax or email, an appointment will be offered promptly. 
  4. Counselling appointments are available without referral for international clients although they not permitted to claim on Medicare.

Email Rhonda Emonson PhD for further confidential information   [email protected]

Session fee is $160.10 and with a referral from your Medical Practitioner, you will receive $77.10 rebate from Medicare on the day of your appointment. If seeking couple counselling, each person attending will need a referral from their Medical Practitioner to receive the Medicare rebate. This means for each counselling session (individual) you will be 'out of pocket' $83.00

Please note: Counselling is not offered for concerns with drug or alcohol issues or family violence as these are outside of the expertise offered by this practice.

Some session times attract a bulk bill fee only with a referral from your medical practitioner - please enquire

Medicare will assist with fees for clients based in Australia.

1) Make an appointment with your Medical Practitioner and tell the Receptionist you need an appointment to get a referral for counselling (they need to book a longer appointment with your Doctor). Many Medical Practitioners prefer to fax your referral so take this fax number (02 6013 9646) with you to your appointment. You may choose to fax or email the referral yourself. If so, fax your referral to 02 6013 9646 OR you can email the referral to [email protected]

2) It is necessary to provide the referral to  Rhonda Emonson (PhD) at Mediation, Coaching and Counselling at least 3 days prior to your first session so that a file can be made up for you prior to your first session.

3) If more than one person is attending the session, each will need their own referral faxed or emailed prior to the first appointment.

For further information on Medicare rebates visit:


How many sessions?

If you have a referral from a Medical Practitioner, the amount of sessions will depend on what your Medical Practitioner suggests. Generally, plan for about six sessions once a fortnight, although it is often possible to have 20 sessions.

If a particular appointment time suits your other commitments, it is best to book several sessions ahead at that time to ensure you are able to attend at a time that is suitable for you. After the sixth session, we discuss whether further sessions would be helpful and at that time, a letter is written to your Medical Practitioner giving him/her an update on your progress. 

Each person is different, there are no rules about the number of sessions although we aim for less, rather than long term sessions. Each session is 50 minutes in duration, unless there are several people attending - on those occasions a 'double session is booked and charged.

Appointments are available either during the day or after hours by appointment and on some Saturday mornings. 

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please let me know and you may be bulk billed + pay a small fee.


How much will it cost?

There are three options, each supporting you to access professional counselling.

OPTION ONE: With a referral from your Medical Practitioner, you will have an out of pocket expense of $83.00 with remainder of your session fee  payable by Medicare on the day of your appointment.  BUT, the referral must be received at least 3 days prior to your first session. Sessions can be booked by clicking on  ‘BOOK NOW’.

OPTION TWO: For those that prefer not to have a referral from their Medical Practitioner (or are international clients), the same professional service is available. However, without a referral you  take responsibility for the full session fee. Sessions can be booked by clicking on  ‘BOOK NOW’.


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