Mediation, Coaching & Counselling

 Ready for change? Need assistance to navigate challenges?

Disputes, disagreements and difficult relationships are emotionally, physically and financially draining. Whether it is an issue at home or at work, a trained professional can help you create the changes you need and desire. Life is too short to continue in despair. Help is available now. Get the support you need with Mediation, Coaching or Counselling.

Appointments are available face to face for local clients and via ZOOM or Teams for Local, National and International clients. 

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Workplace Disputes

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Family Disputes

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Mediation, Counselling & Coaching

We face challenges in our relationships with others and in our working environment every day.

Professional assistance will assist you or your organisation to make the necessary changes with interventions such as Mediation, Coaching or Counselling in a confidential, professional and supportive environment.

Email or telephone today for further information so that we can work out a plan that meets your needs.

Appointments are available for local clients face to face and via Teams/ZOOM for Local, National and International clients.

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Preprint discount offer to therapeutic practitioners only.

Charlotte and Archie are already available on Amazon and at good book stores.

The cards are an additional tool for you to use with children to generate a discussion about their perspective of parental conflict so that they have the opportunity to be heard without judgement. A valuable resource for you to add to your therapeutic toolkit.

As a Practitioner working with complex and vulnerable families you will receive a 20% discount and FREE postage when the cards that complement the books are printed in early 2022. Add your details and receive this valuable offer.

PLEASE NOTE:  Offer only available for practitioners.

Practitioners working with complex and vulnerable families offer.

The work you do is valuable and you are creating positive change for future generations. To honour your skills and passion, accept this offer ONLY available to Practitioners.

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